OZZY the Dog

Okay so Ozzy woke me up this morning and bugged me about finishing this portrait i started drawing of him awhile ago. So here it is.

RIP Frank A. Yarger

As many of you know or may not know my Dad passed away on Friday the 13th of this month. He had been in assisted living for almost a year until finally his mind and body decided it was enough. He lived like he died, fighting for every last breath. He will be missed by all.

I want to thank all my friends and family far and near that wish their condolences. This last weekend my siblings and I chartered a boat to fulfill my dads last wishes which was to set off to sea adrift a burning sail boat. Many thanks to Mark Wescott for helping me build the boat, Andrew Lindsay for arranging the boat. It was truly a magical day that like my dad will never be forgotten.

Please check out the video and leave a comment if you wish.

Love you Dad. Till we meet again . . .

Dia De Los Muertos

Another late post. Better late than never? My very good friend asked me to participate in a group show for Dia De Los Muertos. A day to honor the dead. As some of you may know my dad passed away just a few days ago. He was very connected to the Mexican culture and loved everything about it. This day will forever have a deeper meaning for me and I can't wait for the chance to create a piece to honor his life. He loved Mexican music and he loved his taquilla, so this year i am thinks skeleton mariachi and maybe a señora dancing to the music. What do you think?


Last Summer our fearless leader William Adler asked me to painted this life-sized confused milk cow/bull. Originally it had spots. Not sure at the time what we were actually going to do with the cow, I painted icons consistent with the things one might experience while in Portland. The cow can be seen grazing the sidewalk of the NW 23rd st Will Leather Goods store. My Photographer and good Friend Rob Sydor set up this time-lapse video.  https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152108180805059&set=vb.301422900058&type=2&theater


Okay, so I know I haven't posted in a long time, besides the post last night. I have a lot of catching up to do. It's been a busy year. A very busy years. My better half is telling me to space out my blog post but I just sorta wanna get them out of the way so I can share new ones. What do you think? I suppose I can schedule them out. maybe a couple a week. I am totally open to suggestion.


Recently my friend Jeff Dreher who is celebrating 10 years being cancer free ask me help him raise money for Standup2cancer . I was happy to help out and create a piece to be auctioned. Check out my Heads up piece.



Last weekend I got the itch to make a new piece of art that I've had in a holding period for several months. My friend Joel showed me a design he liked from one of my favorite art groups FAILE. It was an image of a flag with an interesting pattern in place of the standard stripes. So I re-created this idea by creating my own stripes and added some palm trees to make it a little more personal. The photos show my process of mounting the art to the panel with Matt medium, sanding into the image and then laying out the resin over the top. Would love to share this process with any one interested. Its such an easy way to make some rad art. Enjoy!


Beautiful San Clemente

Spent some time in San Clemente this weekend.  Was a beautiful weekend!



Caught up with my buddy Andy Howell at Shepard and Amanda Fairey's Studio Number One this weekend. Other artist there were Derik, Jeff Soto, Mel Kadel, Oliver Specio and Salvain Havec. Worth checking out!




Back in College, at the Art Center College of Design, one of the techniques of printing we learned was silk screening. Much like developing your own film it involves several steps - and you're working with chemicals in a dark room. The result is the ability to reproduce your art on almost any surface by hand. Unlike going to Kinkos and getting copies made, the reprints have a certain art quality to them.

Being a graphics artist in the apparel industry, a lot of times the art you create gets passed to the printer and a couple weeks later you see your art on a tee. Depending on where you work of course, the process is always a little different. When I started working at Quiksilver, they actually had a print facility on campus. So even though i wasn't pulling the screen myself, I got an up and close experience on the process from design, to tech pack, to printer, to garment. 

For several years now I've been wanting to revisit this art and create my own facility in my studio. I was finally able to put something together and I am hooked. Here are some photos of my first screened art.

more to come. . . 


Checked out the U.S. open last week. Was basically a sea of underage teens causing havoc up and down surf city.  Watching Modest Mouse and Matt Costa perform which was pretty entertaining. The rest of the contest I watched in the comfort of my bedroom, which was the way to go considering the madness that happened at the end of the contest with the riots. Too bad such an awesome event had to end on such a sour note.



Business as usual at Agenda this year. Same cast new year. What was the hype this year?  90s American street wear trend. Stand outs for me were iron and resin and Armory distribution.


Was excited to meet up with my good friend Michelle Lindsay and Robert James and their newborn Wyatt (http://www.byrobertjames.com/). Had a blast catching up and chilling at his Williamsburg store and his amazing store in the lower east side. Also Ran into my friends from caveman. http://cavemantheband.com/ seriously check these guys out!!! they rock!



About a year ago my buddy Eric Christenson (EC) http://www.ecsurfboards.com/ shaped this beautiful Quadzilla for me. Inspired by Randy Noborikawa http://www.randynoborikawa.com/. I came up with this. Both these guys are amazing artist. Check out there websites  

Charge It!

Aquarius Celebratus

In Febuary I celebrated my birthday with fellow Aquarius and friends Anthony Yamamoto, Steve Saiz, Shepard Fairey, Dave Kinsey and hosted by Andy Howell. 

Ofrendas group show

Another Old show I curated at Gallery 97 in Encinitas featuring a few of my good friends

Front and back flyer for group show designed and curated by nick yarger

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Surf vs. Skate art show in Encinitas

Back in the day at Quiksilver, Cheyne Austin and I put together an art show to help raise money for surfrider foundation. . . 

Front and back of flyer designed for event designed by Nick Yarger

Front and back of flyer designed for event designed by Nick Yarger

It was a huge turnout and a great success for the Surf vs. Skate show which featured many artists from within the Quiksilver and Roxy family. Jack, and his wife Mary Beth, from Rhino Art helped facilitate the show at Gallery 97, which is located behind their art store in Encinitas, California. Utilizing Quiksilver’s sponsorship of the event helped bring great exposure to the gallery and the featured artists alike. The underlying focus of the event was not only to highlight some of these talented artists, but was to raise money for Stoked Mentoring. Stoked has dedicated their time and effort in helping “develop successful teens with opportunity, knowledge, experience, and determination through action sports and mentoring”. These kids, who are typically underprivileged and at risk of the negative influences in their environment, are enrolled in a one year program giving life skills necessary to become successful adults. Proceeds from the Surf vs. Skate show are being donated to the foundation to help continue their support. Huge thanks go out to the owners of Rhino Art, who are donating their entire share of profits to Stoked Mentoring. Thanks to all of the artists in the event who are donating anywhere from 10% to 100% of their sales to the foundation. Thanks to Primo, who donated 250 bottles of their premium beer to the show. Thanks to all of the people who volunteered their time to help set up and work the show, which helped ensure the success we encountered. And last, but not least, thank you to Quiksilver who was the main sponsor of the show. Surf vs. Skate will remain open for another 3 weeks, and with the continued support of Rhino Art, we are hoping to raise the maximum amount of profits to donate to this great cause. More information can be obtained by visiting the following websites:





Thank you!!!