Back in College, at the Art Center College of Design, one of the techniques of printing we learned was silk screening. Much like developing your own film it involves several steps - and you're working with chemicals in a dark room. The result is the ability to reproduce your art on almost any surface by hand. Unlike going to Kinkos and getting copies made, the reprints have a certain art quality to them.

Being a graphics artist in the apparel industry, a lot of times the art you create gets passed to the printer and a couple weeks later you see your art on a tee. Depending on where you work of course, the process is always a little different. When I started working at Quiksilver, they actually had a print facility on campus. So even though i wasn't pulling the screen myself, I got an up and close experience on the process from design, to tech pack, to printer, to garment. 

For several years now I've been wanting to revisit this art and create my own facility in my studio. I was finally able to put something together and I am hooked. Here are some photos of my first screened art.

more to come. . .